Pilot Cufflinks

For commercial pilots, appearance can make or break a career. Cufflinks ensure that dress shirts have a sharp, professional appearance. With the wide variety of aviation cufflinks from Pilot Mall, commercial and professional pilots can find the perfect cufflink for their unique style.

Cufflinks were invented in the early 16th century. Instead of buttons, early cufflinks were made of a decorative string to tie sleeves together. By the 1700s, string-based cufflinks had evolved into decorative studs that were connected by gold links. Over the next few centuries, cufflinks would continue their evolution into the modern style seen today.

With an airplane cufflink from Pilot Mall, aviators can show off their love of flight. Pilot cufflinks are available in a variety of aircraft designs such as the P38 Lightning, the UH-1 Huey Helicopter, the P51 Mustang and much more. In addition, Pilot Mall offers aviation-themed belt buckles.

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