Pilot Costume

Ghosts, goblins and monsters are overrated. Instead of the usual boring costume, consider an aviator costume from Pilot Mall. A pilot costume is a great choice for both children and adults.

For children, pilot costumes are a great way to inspire a love of flying. By instilling a joy of flight at a young age, children may be motivated to pursue a career in aviation. For adults and seasoned pilots, an old-fashioned aviator costume with a bomber jacket is a fantastic way to relive the barnstorming days of the early 20th century.

Pilot Mall offers t-shirts, bomber jackets, pilot hats and full costumes for would-be aviators. Vintage costumes bring back memories of the World War II and Vietnam eras. In addition to a fantastic look, Pilot Mall's aviator costumes are a great conversation piece. All costumes are made from high-quality materials for lasting durability and value.

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This cute children's pilot cap is perfect for children 2-6 years old. More Info »

Realistic fun for your little storm trooper. More Info »

Vintage ultra-suede pilot's cap with fabric lining. More Info »

Classic suede aviator's hat with faux wool lining. More Info »

Classic aviator's goggles with transparent plastic lenses. More Info »

Old-school pilot goggles with green plastic lenses. More Info »

100% nylon children's one-piece jumpsuit designed to replicate a fighter pilot's outfit. More Info »

100% polyester children's backpack designed to resemble an astronaut space pack. More Info »

Polyester children's costume modeled after NASA astronaut uniforms. More Info »

100% nylon adult costume that replicates NASA astronaut uniforms. More Info »

Plastic children's astronaut helmet featuring a movable visor and colorful NASA markings. More Info »

Polyester boot covers designed to resemble astronaut space boots. More Info »

Plastic children's astronaut helmet with battery-powered mission control recording. More Info »

Lined polyester children's gloves adorned with astronaut enhancements. More Info »

Water gun/tank combo designed to resemble a space gun and astronaut backpack. More Info »