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It can be difficult for many pilots to stay warm during flight. The cockpits found in many general aviation aircraft offer little protection from the elements.

Alpha Industries is a clothing manufacturer that offers flight jackets, flight vests and other accessories. Founded in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1959, Alpha Industries got its start as a major military clothing supplier. The company manufactured the M65 field jacket, a staple of the U.S. military, for over 50 years. In addition, the company designed and manufactured the famous MA-1 flight jacket during the Vietnam era. The company continues to manufacture military flight jackets like the CWU-45/P.

Pilot Mall offers a wide variety flight jackets from Alpha Industries. In addition to its flagship pilot jacket, Pilot Mall also offers kids' clothing, leather jackets, pea coats, field coats and casual outerwear. Clothing options are available for both male and female aviators.

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