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X-Naut, More Like X-Yes! Keep Your iPad Cool in the Cockpit!


These days, many of us depend solely on our electronics. While they may seem more convenient in the moment, I think we can all agree… They are NOT so convenient when they decide to stop working!

Today, more and more pilots are using apps for navigation in the cockpit. That means countless pilots are now flying with their iPads. While we are depending on them, our iPads run the risk of overheating without warning and leaving us when we need them most. What is a pilot to do? Enter the X-naut Active Cooling Mount!

X-Naut Cooling Mounts for iPad

There are a lot of incredible products out there, but the X-naut Active Cooling Mount is one of our favorites. This amazing product can help your iPad avoid overheating and unnecessary meltdowns.

The X-naut Active Cooling Mount is powered by AA batteries OR external charging (micro USB port). That means if you keep a few AA batteries in your bag you STILL have additional backup to keep your device running. The mount should run for approximately 15 hours when using AA batteries.

This product offers ease of use when switching from external charging to battery power. Just switch the button on the side from USB to battery and you are ready to go! It even includes a battery test button AND a battery status alert; High, Low, Replace.

The X-naut Active Cooling Mount comes in two lightweight sizes. There is the larger version for the iPad air/Pro 9.7" (9.7 oz) and the smaller version for the iPad mini (7oz).

This product works by simply cooling your iPad with fans. The iPad air/Pro 9.7" version runs 4 fans and the mini has 2 fans. Best of all, the fan noise is minimal (26 dB). Just snap your iPad in, turn it on and you are ready for takeoff!

Bonus features:

  • The X-naut Active Cooling Mount is compatible with RAM mounts.
  • The X-naut Active Cooling Mount is compatible with some MYGOFLIGHT mounts when using the proper adapter.

Check out the X-naut challenge and be amazed!

Ready for your own challenge? Order X-Naut Cooling Mounts today. Use discount code XNAUT10 for an extra $10.00 off!

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  • Bethany Piccarreto
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