One of the simplest (yet incredibly important!) tools a pilot needs is a working flashlight. Pilots use flashlights on the outside of the plane during pre-check and also to see a sectional in the dark during flight. A pilot who doesn’t use a proper flashlight could risk the safety of themselves and their passengers.

At we proudly carry a vast selection of flashlights for those in the air, as well as those on the ground.

What does one need while in flight?

The number one item a flashlight should have for a pilot is a RED LIGHT. Night vision is a top priority for pilots. A proper red light flashlight will allow them to check your charts without compromising your ability to read your instruments. We also believe a flashlight with LED rather than bulbs is worth the investment. LED tends to last longer over time and you can say goodbye to the days of stressing about packing extra bulbs.

At we carry a vast array of flashlights that will offer ease of use and simplicity. While some of us love the extra bells and whistles, they are not always necessary for a pilot. Take into consideration the average length of your flights, time of day, space in your flight bag and other things that make you unique, THEN select a flashlight that suits you!

Check out some of our TOP RECOMMENDATIONS:

Coast PX20 White and Red LED Flashlight

One of our top picks or beginners AND established pilots is the Coast PX20 White and Red LED Flashlight. This flashlight uses 3 AAA batteries which are easy to find no matter which airport you may need to restock at. While the white light on this flashlight is strong enough for external preflight duties, the red light is soft enough that it won’t compromise your night vision. The Coast PX20 is an affordable option that will offer you approximately 50 hours of use from one set of batteries.

Smith & Wesson 13 LED Galaxy Flashlight

Smith & Wesson offers several flashlights that prove useful in the cockpit. Their 13 LED Galaxy Flashlight (includes white and red light) and 12 LED Galaxy Flashlight (includes white, red, green, and blue light) both use LED’s that will last for approximately 110,000 hours. These flashlights operate with 2 buttons for ease of use. One will activate the white light while the other will activate the color light(s).

If you want a red light that is smaller and less invasive, perhaps the FliteLite FG-R Red LED Fingerlight is for you. This incredible light can be worn on your finger. It attaches with a piece of Velcro and will allow you to easily read maps while in flight. This LED light even features a 10-minute auto-off function!

Not a pilot, but thinking about safety during hurricane season? Fear not. We offer flashlights for everyday use too. Check out our wide selection and stock up your home, work and car with this important safety supply.

Depending on your personal need, we highly recommend the brands like NEBO and UST.

NEBO is a brand we proudly offer. The NEBO SLYDE is our most popular selection. As the name suggests, this amazing flashlight slides open to reveal a 190 lumen work light! From their NEBO LARRY to their SLIM Rechargeable Flashlight, NEBO has something for everyone.

See-Me Headlamp

The See-Me Headlamp is brought to you by UST Brands. It is perfect for work when you need both of your hands, as well as for safety while hiking and running.

Still want more? How about a flashlight that includes a pen OR a USB rechargeable flashlight! You want it? We got it!

No matter which flashlight you choose, we highly recommend you get to know your flashlight pre-flight/ pre-use… Don’t wait until you are in flight, or AFTER the hurricane arrives! Be sure you know exactly where the button is to activate your red light. Practice quickly and efficiently changing your batteries. Be aware of any extras your flashlight may offer before you take off… and don’t forget to buy extra batteries! Nobody wants to be a deer in headlights!

View our Aviation Flashlight Collection today.

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