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Bose is Revolutionizing the Aviation Industry... Again!


This July pilots will be taking to the sky with a new, lighter, quieter headset.

The Bose ProFlight Aviation Headset was designed for pilots of pressurized jet and turbine aircraft that operate in relatively low to moderate noise environments.

The ProFlight is more feature rich than any other professional pilot headset on the market. Pilots will immediately notice that the ProFlight is incredibly lightweight, weighing in at just under 5 oz. It will be a true pleasure to wear on extended flights. There will be no more discomfort in the cockpit thanks to the weight, and other enhancements like low clamping force and dedicated ear buds!

ProFlight is TSO'd and comes in three configurations to suit most environments. 5 Pin XLR, 6 Pin LEMO and standard twin plugs are available at the time of launch.

ProFlight comes with the creature comforts that we've all come to love, including Bluetooth capability for music and cell phone usage. A new notable feature is "Tap Control". When you need to focus on interpersonal communication coming from a specific direction, you can automatically set noise cancelling to Low on single earbud by firmly double-tapping the earbud.

You will be heard - Communication is crystal clear thanks to an electret noise cancelling microphone

...and they will hear you! Audio is optimized with active equalization for enhanced communications. There are three user noise cancellation settings to meet all needs in flight. High is for maximum quiet and noise cancellation across the entire spectrum, medium is optimized for quieter aircraft and low is best for interpersonal communication outside of the intercom.

Backed by an industry leading three year limited warranty with second-day return shipping. Customers have peace of mind and confidence in their investment in the product and with Bose Corporation.

Are you ready to step up to a Bose ProFlight Aviation Headset? We're now accepting pre-orders for Mid-July delivery.

Bose ProFlight Product Page to Preorder

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