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What Shoes Should Pilots Wear?

Here's a loaded question; What shoes should pilots wear? Throw that one out at your local aero club and see what comes back. There definitely won't be an agreement, and there isn't an easy answer, because no pilot is ever just a pilot. The community is made up of very specific pilots. Just ask us, we will tell you.

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The Best Sunglasses for Pilots

Pilots wearing sunglasses is an iconic American image, one that appears often in movies, magazines, history books and more. Those classic images appeal to our shared appreciation for freedom, courage, innovation and exploration. 
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The Best Flight Bag for Any Budget

A number of important considerations are involved in choosing the right flight bag. The intended use, budget, length of trips you plan to take, amount of gear you plan to carry and preferred carrying method should all be considered. If you are in the market for a new flight bag, we’ve unpacked some of the best flight bags on the market with something for every budget.
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Why do you Need a Portable Aviation Radio?

Imagine the perfect IFR day. The ceiling is overcast at nine hundred feet and the winds are calm. The visibility is two miles, and these are the prevailing conditions for the entire day at your home field and destination. The opportunity for a single pilot instrument flight couldn’t be better. It’s time to go out and add some actual weather experience to that instrument rating you worked so hard to earn.
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