Bubba's Weekly Deal
Bubba's Weekly Deal

Flight Bag PLC Sport by MyGoFlight
Very few - if any - flight bags foster effortless aviation organization quite like the Flight Bag PLC Sport by MyGoFlight. Developed by pilots for pilots, the PLC Sport has been specifically engineered to facilitate easy access to everything you might need from preflight planning to engine shutdown. Each side of the bag's exterior boasts a pair of zippered pockets (four total) that are ideal for housing a transceiver, portable GPS, water bottle, cell phone, and similar oft-accessed items. The Sport's zippered front pocket opens to reveal numerous sub-compartments, ID sleeves, flashlight/fuel tester loops, pen/pencil/stylus slots, key rings, and much more. On the back, users will find a padded zippered section with a special sleeve designed for an iPad/tablet/laptop (up to 13"), as well as a larger area that's tailor-made for an aviation headset. Furthermore, the headset pouch features interior mesh pockets for your cables, chargers, spare batteries, and other electronic accessories. There's also a quick-access zippered pocket on the bag's top.
Just $109.99 $119.00
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