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IFR Low Alt NACO East Set

IFR Low Alt NACO East Set
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Enroute low altitude charts covering the Eastern half of the Contiguous US.

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Low-altitude instrument pilots who frequently fly all across the Eastern half of the US will appreciate our cost-saving combo of Enroute Low Altitude Charts. These FAA charts serve as the official, go-to source for all the critical info you need to safely operate in the IFR environment. Designed for navigational use up to (but not including) 18,000 feet, these 4-color charts depict such need-to-know info as Victor Airways, navigational fixes, ATC reporting points, military training routes (MTRs), RNAV routes, special use airspace, controlled airspace boundaries, VHF navigational facilities (frequency, ID, geographic coordinates, and channel), and much more safety-of-flight data.

This value-packed set includes all low enroute charts for the Eastern half of the 48 Contiguous States (L-15/L-16; L-17/L-18; and L-21/L-22 through L-35/L-36), as well as the Conterminous U.S. Low Altitude Area Charts (A-1 & A-2), which provide an additional level of detail around the nation's most congested airspace areas. Low-altitude chart scales vary from 5 to 20 nm per inch. Published on the FAA's standard 56-day cycle. An affordable, extremely comprehensive resource that low-flying IFR aviators are sure to love.

From the Manufacturer
Set Includes: L11/12, L13/14, L17/18 - L27/28 & Area Chart

IFR Enroute Low Altitude Charts provide aeronautical information for navigation under instrument flight rules below 18,000 feet MSL. These four-color chart series includes:

  • Air Traffic Services
  • Airports that have an Instrument Approach Procedure or a minimum 3000' hard surface runway
  • Airways/Route Data
  • Cruising Altitudes
  • Fixes/ATC Reporting Points
  • Limits of controlled airspace
  • Military Training Routes
  • Off Route Obstruction Clearance Altitudes (OROCA)
  • Radio aids to navigation
  • RNAV Routes
  • Special Use Airspace Areas
  • Tabulations (MTRs, SUAs, MOAs, Airport data)

    Area Charts, which show congested terminal areas at a large scale, are included with subscriptions to any conterminous U.S. Set Low (Full set, East or West sets). Charts are revised every 56 days.

    Coverage of the Low Altitude Charts for the Conterminous U.S.
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    Coverage of the Caribbean series of enroute charts
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    Coverage of the Alaska series of enroute charts
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