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Fat Gecko Co-Pilot

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Adjustable, stable mounting base for cameras and camcorders.

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Product Description
To capture amazing in-flight video without the need for a dedicated camera operator, Delkin developed its Fat Gecko Co-Pilot as a stable, secure, adjustable mount for cameras and camcorders. Utilizing its pair of industrial strength suction cups, the adjustable mounting bar creates an airtight seal on two facing windows that secure the bar exactly as the user sets it. Once secure, it's a simple process of attaching the camera to the 1/4 -20 mounting post, which is the same post on all tripods.

The Co-Pilot telescopes to lengths from 36" to 49.5", making it ideal for any vehicle with a pair of opposing windows. Once mounted, the attached camera can be turned to shoot up, down, sideways, or to the rear by simply adjusting the mount's knobs. Supports all cameras up to 5 lbs. A very sturdy and easy-to-use tool for capturing a variety of vehicle-based images.

From the Manufacturer
Since more and more pilots are shooting video these days, mounts are starting to show up in the marketplace to help secure them in and around the cockpit. The latest offering from Delkin fills the void many pilots have experienced.

The Fat Gecko Co-Pilot is an easy way to mount a camera in an airplane, or any other vehicle that has two windows that face each other. When mounted in the cockpit, the Co-Pilot allows the camera to be suspended in the rear of the plane looking between the seats. Once attached, the camera can be adjusted to shoot up or down, turned sideways or even reversed by loosening the two adjustment knobs on the mount.

Co-Pilot is good to shoot video where you can see out the front of the plane, and see both front seat occupants. Video and still cameras up to 5lbs are supported by the Co-Pilot.

How does the Co-Pilot mount?
The Co-Pilot utilizes patented Industrial suctions cups designed to carry plates of glass. The suction cups reticulate, meaning they can be turned at various angles by loosening the tightening knob. You simply push a button on the top of the suction cup, removing the air and causing a solid seal, and then push the locking tab upwards. This makes the Co-Pilot virtually "locked" to the window. To remove it, simply release the locking tab, and break the air tight seal on the suction cup by pulling up on the small plastic tab on the cup itself. The Co-Pilot has a suction cup on both ends, allowing you to secure it to the right and left window. This creates a stable base to mount a camera. Once mounted, the camera simply screws on to the 1/4 -20 standard post. This is the same post on all tripods and mounting hole on all cameras.

Will the Co-Pilot fit my plane or car?
The Co-Pilot adjusts in width to fit different back seats. By loosening the tightening tabs by hand, the Co-Pilot telescopes and will adjust to windows from 36" apart in its narrowest setting, all the way out to 49.5" and all sizes in between. Once a distance is set, you simply lock the tightening tabs and the Co-Pilot remains that length until you change it.

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Rated 4.00/5 based on 2 customer reviews

4/5 stars
 Gecko Camera Mount
The Fat Gecko Camera Mount is a well made product and should work for most installations except for cameras with a wide angle lens. As the unit sits behind the front seats.
- Durham, CT

4/5 stars
 A nice addition, if you're into filming flights.
Since I began filming my flights, I've been looking for a solution where I could shoot from the back seat, getting a shot of my panel, without front seat passengers getting in the way. This mount delivers that shot, with a potential for many others. Suction cups are a perfect solution from using a tension bar putting strain on the fuselage, and the mount is sturdy enough to minimize vibration in the camera during the takeoff roll and in other phases of flight. The mount however, is a bit cumbersome to work with. Setting the camera up in a small cockpit and adjusting levers for tension and camera angle can leave a normal sized person feeling a bit cramped when placing the mount. Both hands are required when placing this mount, and placing it for the first time can be tricky. But if you can work through the temporary inconveniences the mount creates, you'll have a mount with good potential for producing some great camera angles.
- Hudson, NC

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