Gleim Aviation Radio Receiver

Gleim Aviation Radio Receiver
Gleim Aviation Radio Receiver
Gleim Aviation Radio Receiver
Gleim Aviation Radio Receiver
Gleim Aviation Radio Receiver
Gleim Aviation Radio Receiver
Gleim Aviation Radio Receiver
Gleim Aviation Radio Receiver
Gleim Aviation Radio Receiver
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Portable FM stereo and aviation radio receiver/scanner.

With its KA11AIR Receiver, Gleim brings aviation aficionados a combined aviation frequency receiver/scanner and FM stereo radio in a single, portable device. The unit features both an external speaker and stereo earphones for multiple listening options, and can be powered by a pair of AA batteries or an external AC adaptor (not included). Also features a built-in clock and capacity for up to 100 memory frequencies. At just 4.3" x 2.8" x 0.9" and 0.34 lbs., the unit is perfect for the pocket or the flight bag. An ideal tool for enhancing your aviation communications skills and for monitoring nearby air traffic.

From the Manufacturer

This radio is very portable, easy to operate, and extremely cost effective. Enjoy Listening to aircraft and air traffic control communications and build your proficiency in "pilot speak".

Gleim's Aviation Radio Receiver lets you listen in on aircraft and air traffic control communications. Now, when you visit your local airport, you can see and hear what is going on. The radio is incredibly easy to use. You can even program in up to 100 favorite frequencies for easy access at any time.

  • Batteries and headphones included
  • Telescopic antenna for increased reception stores for portability
  • Sleep mode for battery conservation
  • Memory storage of 100 frequencies
  • Frequency bands:
  • FM: 87.500-108.000
  • Aviation: 118.000-138.000
  • Dimensions: 4.3 x 2.8 x 0.9 inches
  • Weight: 0.34 pounds
  • 1 year limited warranty
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  • Rated 3.56 / 5 based on 9 customer reviews
    3/ 5 stars
    Cheap, but effective
    I rated this scanner/radio as a 3 because it does work and is user friendly. It is a cheap and effective way to listen to air traffic and also the FM radio in one nice, compact package. The biggest draw back and main reason I rated this scanner/radio as a "3" is because the lack of a Squelch. If you are in a busy area where you have alot of air traffic, this may not be an issue. But for areas where you don't, you will hear alot of static. Happy listening.
    - Montgomery, AL Feb 10, 2010
    4/ 5 stars
    Gleim KA11 AIR Receiver
    This is absolutely the best radio of its kind I've ever seen. It's a handy little radio if you want to keep track of the local CTAF from your house, check the AWOS or ATIS before heading to the airport, or sit by the airport and listen to ATC communication. I purchased it to get more familiar with the instructions typically issued by ATC, since I've always found their rapid-fire style intimidating, and occasionally unintelligible. It definitely helps in that regard. The Gleim unit does a good job of pulling down nearby transmissions--I've even had pretty good luck picking up aircraft in Boise from 25 miles away. The unit is very compact, easily pocketable, and seems to last a long time on a pair of AAs. Digital tuning makes it a lot easier to find the desired freq than the old analog receivers, and you never have to worry about accidentally pressing the transmit button and fouling up the conversation upstairs, as you would with a full transceiver. There's more static than I'd like, especially indoors, but that's alleviated considerably by just placing the unit on a window sill. It's definitely worth the money, especially if you're an airshow or air race fan. I'm looking forward to trying it out at the Reno Air Races this year.
    - Caldwell, ID Sep 3, 2010
    1/ 5 stars
    Scrapping this and finding another one
    Yes it works, but I can't stand listening to the constant static! How hard was it to put a squelch on this??!!
    - Gaine, GA Oct 11, 2012
    2/ 5 stars
    No squelch
    No squelch
    - Phila, AL May 20, 2013
    4/ 5 stars
    Gleim KA11AIR Aviation Radio Receiver
    I researched for 2 weeks on and off and settled for this receiver as I felt it had the best quality and size for my needs. I was correct. It's a quality instrument, simple to use, with a understandable Operators Manual. I like the included DX long-wire antenna and ear buds. Shortcomings include lack of a squelch, High Price, and the Telescoping Metal Antenna. The 13 inch metal antenna works well, however, it's out of place. Gleim could do better here. Tom Lassek - Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator WL7EP
    - Eufaula, AL Jan 8, 2014
    5/ 5 stars
    I sure am enjoying my aircraft receiver.For the price,quality and performance you can not beat fast shipping.All around good deal.
    - ME Feb 5, 2014
    4/ 5 stars
    Review of aircraft band receiver
    This was a replacement for one where the buttons became defective.
    - Denver, CO Sep 15, 2014
    5/ 5 stars
    Gleim KA11AIR
    The radio works great. Suggest you get the local sectional areonautical chart so you can get the frequencies.
    - Easton, PA Dec 21, 2015
    4/ 5 stars
    Effective first radio
    Easy to learn to use. Very portable and features good. Limited range.
    - Portsmouth, RI Jun 30, 2016

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