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Aircraft Flight and Maintenance Status Logbook

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All-in-one flight/maintenance record for GA flight operations.

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Product Description
With our handy, all-in-one Aircraft Flight and Maintenance Status Logbook, you'll always have a clear picture of your aircraft's maintenance and legal status. Designed to supplement the official aircraft logbooks, this compact, spiral-bound journal provides at-a-glance information on aircraft discrepancies and remedies, oil change status, flight logs & records, and much more. It also records VOR checks, estimates fuel status, and allows for easy tracking of common Part 91 requirements including Annual Inspections, Altimeter/Static Checks, Transponder/Encoder Tests, ELT battery checks, 100-Hour Inspections, and more. Ideal for flight schools and FBOs, these comprehensive, affordable logs significantly reduce the chances of necessary maintenance attention slipping through the cracks. An outstanding, proactive solution that every GA operator can benefit from.

From the Manufacturer
Designed to put all the information you need to know about the status of the aircraft you are flying right at your fingertips, without carrying the maintenance logs.

This book gives you one place to keep track of:
  • Maintenance Status
  • VOR Checks
  • Flight Record
  • Discrepancy Reports

    Maintenance Status
    Not only does this page provide a place to note when the last annual inspection, pitot-static inspection, transponder/encoder, and ELT checks were performed, it allows you to see immediately when the last oil change was and when the next one is due.

    Designed to augment rather than replace the aircraft's official maintenance logs, these entries help the pilot ensure all required maintenance has been done. By providing this logbook with each rental, FBO's and other fleet operators can quickly communicate to the pilot what the aircraft's condition is. No more bulky 3-ring binders to open and drop pages in the aircraft!

    VOR Check Record
    All IFR pilots get taught that a check of the VORs must be performed and recorded within the preceding 30 days for IFR flight, but where is that information recorded in a rental or fleet aircraft? Will you be able to find it if asked during a ramp check?

    As simple as filling in the blanks and the requirement is met, and you know the VORs are legal for flight.

    Flight Record
    More than a place to maintain a sequential record of the flights and times of an aircraft over time, the pages of this flight record promote safety by drawing attention to one of the major causes of accidents in general aviation - fuel mismanagement.

    In addition to the normal Hobbs, tach, time, departure, and destination fields, this flight record provides a place to record fuel available at the beginning of the flight, an estimate of fuel required for the flight, and the resulting amount of fuel available as a reserve.

    Discrepancy Reports
    Whether renting an aircraft, or if you own it, have you ever wondered where to write down those maintenance issues when you are flying so you can remember to tell the mechanic about it? Or have a maintenance problem you want to report to the FBO? Similar to maintenance discrepancy reports found around the world, the difference with this one is that it is right here in the aircraft, where you need it, and where you can find it.

    And as an FBO or fleet operator, this provides a simple way for maintenance staff to acknowledge aircraft squawks and let the pilot/operator know what was done to correct the issue.

    Discrepancy Reports

    Flight Record

    Maintenance Status

    VOR Check Record

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    Product Question/Answer

    Rated 4.00/5 based on 1 customer reviews

    4/5 stars
     Great tool for Acft Partners or Small Club
    I Bought the book as a quick reference to my aircraft MX forms (I keep this book in the Aircraft - actual logs at home). Although very comprehensive and has great detail in the flight section, I would have liked to see more detail in the Squawk section (maybe add a sub-part where the owner can "release" the aircraft squawk (with action and by whom and when). It REALLY needs to have an AD section...For an owner with recurring AD's, there are no spots to track when the next is due. I had to add that into the Margins. Lastly this is geared to an owner or partner/small club where anyone can quickly reference when items need to be addressed in a convenient location. I would recommend it to someone who would like to have a quick go-to book in their aircraft.
    - DESTIN, FL

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